Good morning all! I hope that you've been enjoying your week thus far. Today brings about a new Style Spotlight feature and I am thoroughly excited, as always, to share today's feature with you. I began corresponding with Natalia Lilly earlier in the year and I grew to admire her personality as well as her sense of style. Carving her path as a plus sized blogger, Natalia isn't keen on placing any limitations on her personal style. She creates flattering, stylish looks and takes no heed to rules outside of being comfortable. 

Wanting to know more about Natalia's personal style, I reached out to pick her brain a bit and couldn't be more thrilled with what I found.

Nai's Visions: Growing up, when did you first develop an interest in fashion and personal style?

Natalia: You know when you were young and would go shopping with your mom, you would find something you like, and your mom would say, "you're going to wear whatever I pick for you?" Well for me, that phrase got old really quick. One summer when I was about 14 or 15, I got my first job and my first thought was, "I cannot wait to buy some clothes!" Having money of my own to spend is what jump started my interest in fashion. I was able to pick the clothes that I liked, thought were trendy and, most importantly, that I felt comfortable in. This really allowed me to explore fashion options and define my personal style. Being able to buy what I liked and wear what I liked also helped build my confidence.

In one of your most recent posts that feature a stellar pair of lace-up boots, you said, "fashion is all about taking chances." Over the past few years, how do you feel that your style has evolved and how would you describe the sense of style you have today?
From "Lace me up"
Over the past year, with the help of my blog, I feel like I'm in a comfortable space to try different trends and styles that may be out of my comfort zone, like high-waist pants or even the lace-up boots. Also being apart of the plus size blogger community and seeing other women take fashion risks really inspires me to try new styles. My sense of style today is so broad. One day I'm a classic girly girl and other days I can be such a tom boy. It really depends on my mood that day. But one thing I always keep in mind when styling myself is comfort. Comfort is everything from the fit of my clothes to the shoes I wear. If I don't feel comfortable in what I'm wearing, it's a no no!
There is an abundance of plus sized bloggers with an impeccable sense of style, including yourself, in the blogosphere. What are some ways you don't allow certain fashion 'rules', which I think we could do without, limit your style? 

Well, knowing who I am as an individual and what I like and don't like allows me to set my own rules and not abide by the 'rules' society has placed on the plus size community. I am a very independent person so no one is going to tell me what I can and cannot wear regardless of who they feel the clothes were made for or look better on. Knowing my size, my body and what looks flattering on me are all the rules I need to know.
From "Culottes & Crop Tops"
Although Miami may not get as cool as other cities, you've still found a way to transition your style from summer to fall. What are some of your key tips to transitioning one's style between seasons?
  1. Keep your summer dress handy and pair them with a leather jacket or blazer.
  2. Add a pair of opaque tights to your closet. They are great for transitioning those summer dresses into fall pieces. 
  3. Mix fall colored pieces into your wardrobe.
  4. Dust off those boots and start putting them to use. And if its still not cool enough for boots, loafers and oxfords are great alternatives. 
  5. Even if it isn't zero degrees, find pieces to layer with whether it be a vest, denim jacket, cardigan or even a scarf. 
  6. Swap your usual pink mani for a neutral one or maybe burgundy if you're risky.
  7. Grab some statement sweaters.  
I'm sure we all have a few items in our wardrobes that we absolutely love and aren't afraid of wearing year round. What items would that be for you?

Combat boots, a good moto jacket (probably all seasons except summer for obvious reasons), hats and maxi dresses. 
Where are some of your favorite places to pick up new pieces?

A few of my favorite shops are Forever21, Asos, Missguided, Boohoo, Charlotte Russe and Fashion to Figure. These are sites I frequent weekly looking for new goodies. 

Trends are recycled throughout the years and some people love them while others could care less about following them. What are your thoughts about the current trends in fashion?
From "First Touch of Fringe"

I agree. Not all fashion trends are lovable but some winter trends that I am really enjoying are bomber jackets, long coats and a basic monochromatic layering. I love seeing simple yet stylish looks. Some trends I could live without are colored jackets and coats. I prefer to stick with black and gray, maybe even a neutral color. I am also not a fan of your usual winter boots like mid-calf boots. I never liked how I looked wearing them so I just stick with combat boots or heel boots for winter.

Last but not least, what advice would you give someone struggling with developing their own sense of style? 

 Have fun with fashion. Your sense of style does not need to be a for sure thing. Feel free to switch it up every so often. Make sure whatever you choose to wear makes you feel comfortable and confident. There are so many different styles and looks. There really is not a limit to what you can create that identifies you.

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