When I decided to start focusing on supporting women more which led to more honest conversations about my own experiences as a woman, (i.e. being open about my struggle with body image), it led me to realize just how much we as women experience some of the same struggles. The many stereotypes that women face on a daily basis is something that I talk about often on Nai's Visions and I feel that it's important to continue fostering a space that chooses to celebrate others. Something I can't help but notice is the misconception that women are unable to think of each other as anything other than competition but there have been many women who have debunked this.Among these women is a young woman by the name of Klarke who has taken it upon herself to build a brand whose core message centers around positivity.

If you were to take a quick glimpse at Klarke's  twitter then you would see just how seriously she takes spreading positive energy. She created both the #KweentoQueen and #QueensHaveNOSize movements in order to inspire women and to counteract the negative ideals that we may encounter. Of both movements Klarke says,

"Not a single woman is excluded! We are Queens because we choose to be and the way we look has absolutely nothing to do with that. Being a Queen is a mentality, not a body type."


I was able to talk briefly with Klarke about her desire to help shift the way not only women think about themselves but other women and what she shared was nothing short of inspiring.

Nai's Visions: Coming across both the #KweentoQueen and #QueensHaveNoSize movements truly resonated with me. When you decided to found them, what inspired you to base them on spreading positive messages?

Klarke: God blessed me with an amazing sister and an incredible mom that supports me, and instill wisdom and positivity in me. Some girls do not have that. There are so many girls out there that do not have someone in their ear constantly reminding them of their worth, their beauty, and that they are a Queen. As women, we compare ourselves to one another, and hate on each other often, because we have not come to terms with who we are, nor have we learned to appreciate and embrace our uniqueness. So with that being said, my sister and I agreed that it was time to take a stand to help build Queens and return them to their royal thrones.

Which movement did you create first or were they created around the same time?

Our non-profit organization was brought to life in August 2014. The #QueensHaveNoSize campaign began in October 2015.

Focusing on #QueensHaveNoSize, it is also a brand that offers apparel and is being worn in 15 states. Congratulations are certainly in order! Did you have an idea of the kind of impact you wanted to make?
I am very grateful you see the work in #QueensHaveNoSize and that you are using your platform to highlight our movement. The goal is for the message to go global, but I must say that we had no idea it would spread so quickly. To have our vision manifest in 15 different states is totally mind-blowing and it proves that this message is relevant and necessary.

On your Instagram you feature a behind the scenes look into the ad campaigns for #QueensHaveNoSize and there are quite a few videos that feature different women explaining what makes them a Queen. What do you hope other women and men get from seeing as well as hearing different women celebrate themselves?

 The message we want women to grasp is your value is not in your size. Men can contribute by reevaluating the way they look at women and also take every opportunity to encourage and uplift the Queens in their lives by telling them how beautiful they are inside and out.

How important do you think it is for us as women to reclaim not only our bodies but also who we are to our core?

Actually, reclaiming your body comes after you love yourself. It starts within. Reclaiming your body is actually an acceptance of your outer self, but that can only be reflected when the inner Queen recognizes her value and worth. 

What has been the most surprising and/or challenging aspect of creating movements that not only focus on positivity as a whole but body positivity as well?

When we originally started, we were targeting young girls of a certain age group. What surprised us was the overwhelming response from women of ALL ages, including young men. We now have brothers, boyfriends, husbands, fathers and grandfathers supporting our message and learning valuable lessons on how to love and give the Queens in their lives the support they need.

Without giving too much away, where do you see #KweentoQueen and #QueensHaveNoSize being in the next few years?

I see #KweentoQueen bringing the message in organized settings all over the country!

 If you could tell your younger self or even the part of you that may doubt yourself from time to time one thing, what would it be?

The message I would tell my current and younger self is, "you were born a Queen and it is up to you to embrace the beauty and power of your crown."
Be sure to keep up with Klarke and the #KweentoQueen + #QueensHaveNoSize movements:

Twitter: @KweenKlarke 
Instagram: KweenKlarke