Collection Launch Date: March 1, 2016

This collection was inspired by elements of Beyonce's Formation video and subsequent Super Bowl performance. We were so excited by that work of art! The video was affirming, celebratory and reflected our experience as black women. Since its premiere, our customers have been asking for pieces so they can recreate the looks and we decided to take it a step further and have our lookbook be an interpretation of that masterpiece. - Eboni Merriman, Founder of Lost Queens

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Twitter: @LostQueens
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Eboni’s Twitter/Instagram: @EboniRM

About Lost Queens:

Lost Queens is a new jewelry brand, an accessory shop for women who embody it all which launched in August 2014.

Good girl or bad, sexy or subdued, regal or down-to-earth - we can be all or none of these things any time we choose, and Lost Queens gives the jewelry to showcase a woman’s true essence. Our pieces are the armor we wear to go out and conquer the world, embracing the spirit of the Queens and Goddesses that live inside us all.

The on-trend brand comes out with a bi-monthly collection, sourced around the world, featuring statement pieces, bangle sets, faux septum clips, body chains, and much more aptly named after history's most influential and upstanding Black women from Zora Neale Hurston to Janet Jackson. These pieces empower the women who wear them by serving as a reminder of their inherent value and power. 

Prices range from $10 - $70.

Lost Queens has created buzz on social media attracting features on EBONY, Buzzfeed, For Harriet, Madame Noire, Blavity + more.

About the Founder:

Founded by Eboni Merriman, a woman with a passion for uplifting women everywhere. She is the sole owner and operator of Lost Queens.She believes that "women are the most magical creatures alive, and we should adorn ourselves accordingly" and that her pieces will help you reclaim your inner Goddess. In line with that philosophy, Lost Queens donates 10% of the proceeds back to women and their communities.

Production Team:
Creative Director: Nik Adams
Styling: Jonae Lucien
Makeup Artist: Melody Rochelle
Photography: RAI
Videography: Jio of BYS Productions
Set Assistant: Sherri Jennings