As we find ourselves inching closer to embracing the idea of the complexity of others, we sometimes find that our interests and ideals intersect. Not only that, but we come to realize the joys of being able to hold multiple interests and not placing rigid rules on what we're drawn to or inspired by. As a blogger, Ivy Maurice is no stranger to the vast blogosphere where certain rules imply that you have to find one niche to stick with or run the risk of losing your audience's attention. However, Ivy has learned over time that being transparent and remaining true to oneself will always capture the attention of others. 

I was able to speak with Ivy about what makes her style hers while simultaneously learning about some of her favorite style + beauty interests. Read on to get to know more!

Nai's Visions: Your blog is an accumulation of all things related to beauty, fashion, style, travel and more. Did you always have an idea that you wanted to include your personal style on your blog when you first created it?

Ivy Coco: I always knew that I wanted to include my personal style on my blog when I first started. Actually today (May 17, 2016) marks a year since I started. I was really intrigued by the fact that people were drawn to my perspective and found me to be relatable. Me marketing myself and branding myself was easier because of that.

Nai's Visions: One of the things that stands out to me about your style is that you don't seem to place yourself in a box and are open to wearing different looks. Where do you draw style inspiration from?

Ivy Coco: Personal style is where we come from, our background, the different cultures we were exposed to, etc. My father comes from France and a mother has a Jamaican background so I'm definitely influenced by both cultures. I've been blessed to be able to travel a lot so I draw inspiration from other cultures as well. One day I can dress like bohemian pop princess and the next day draw inspiration from elsewhere.

I've been exposed to so much and didn't want to limit my style. I like being able to express myself.

Nai's Visions: What do you feel is the most important aspect of your personal style and how do you feel it relates to your persona? Do you look at your personal style as a creative outlet?

Ivy Coco: The most important aspect of my personal style is me being true to my self. A lot of people, including myself, get caught up in social media and think we have to dress a certain way. If we followed every single thing the next person was doing then we'd be broke. It's okay to go to the thrift store to find different pieces. It's okay to shop on a budget period.
Nai's Visions: In your posts "Black Ain't Boring," and "Live in Color" you show one of many ways that an all black or white ensemble can be everything but a boring. What do you feel are some key tips for creating a successful monochromatic look?

Ivy Coco: Monochromatic doesn't have to be one color. You can color block. For example you can wear a pink cap with an orange jacket. The key is to make sure to you have great structure since certain colors can wash you out. Also, wear statement pieces. If I'm going to wear something bland then one aspect of my look is going to be a statement piece. 

Nai's Visions: With summer just around the corner, describe your perfect summer look.

Ivy Coco: My perfect summer look involves; ballet flats from Revolve and light wash distressed denim that I can pair with a white tank or loose blouse. When it's the summer time, I don't like to carry a lot so I want to make sure that I have a bag that I can wear across my chest. Also, I'm all for natural hair in the summer time. I love wearing my braids or my fro with sunglasses.

Nai's Visions: What are your top five must have beauty or style staples?

Ivy Coco: My top five beauty and style staples are
  1.  Aveeno Daily Moisturizer - It's perfect for creating dewy skin. It's a combination between matte and dewy.
  2.  A pair of my mom jeans - It's essential for me to have them in my wardrobe.
  3.  A leather jacket
  4.  Buxom Lipgloss in the color "Sugar"
  5.  A cool phone case - My favorite cases are from Boss Cases because it reinforces the women's empowerment movement and I love when people see my phone case and tell me how fire they look.

Although you said five beauty or style staples, another essential for me are basic cubic zirconia earrings or diamond earrings that I can get from the beauty supply store. Most people don't know this but earrings bring out your eyes and that's what I love about them 

Nai's Visions: Do you have any current style crushes? If so, what do you admire most about their personal style? 

Ivy Coco:  My top four style crushes are 
  1. Solange Knowles - I love everything about her style.
  2. Zendaya - Her Stylist Luxury Law kills it every single time. 
  3. Shirley from Shirley's Wardrobe 
  4. Marianna Hewett

Nai's Visions: What is one aspect of your personal style that you wouldn't want to change over time?

Ivy Coco: I'm definitely always wearing pants and I will never change that. It's my go to look.

To keep up with Ivy, be sure to visit her at Ivy Coco, Twitter and Instagram.