What occurred Sunday night was one of the most enthralling experiences of my life. Forget the part about me being one of many adoring fans of Beyonce for a second (nothing more because I don't have a problem defending my adoration). Forget about the part about me shaking with anticipation at the thought of being able to witness one of my favorite artists live. The energy within the crowd before, during and after the concert left me feeling beyond inspired to truly live life, love, create and think bigger than myself. 

One of the main reasons I decided to attend this particular concert (yes, besides the obvious) was to thank myself for following my heart and pursuing a degree that I felt connected to. It was my way of acknowledging that the three years I spent pouring my time and energy into something that corresponded with my dreams wasn't wasted. I proved to myself that I could see things through no matter how badly I wanted to give up because my desire to follow something I'm passionate about was far more important than caving in to the familiar pattern of running when scared. Trust me, there were extreme bouts of second guessing, fear, anguish and anxiety during the years I worked my butt off to finish something I started. Watching Beyonce perform live made me realize that achieving your dreams and being successful takes time but the hard work eventually pays off. It also made me realize that when we channel the talents we've been given, our ability to touch lives is substantial.

Sure, we experience periods in our lives where we doubt the greatness living inside us just waiting to be recognized but it doesn't mean that the greatness goes away. Even if we don't allow ourselves to tap into it 100%, it finds a way to manifest itself through our words, actions and talents anyway if only but a smidgen. I feel empowered to keep pursuing what's in my heart, no matter how long it takes and on terms that have been set forth by a higher power. It's not solely about living my best life but making sure I live in a way that adds a bit more love and positivity in this world.

There will always be people who will disagree with your talent(s) and will try to stop you from fulfilling your purpose BUT you've been given something incredible that will not only carry you forward in life but will touch the lives that it needs to. You are not a waste of space or talent. You've been put here for a reason and no one can take that away from you without your consent.