There was a point in time where I was strict about how I wanted to feature personal style but I'm starting to deviate from that. While I probably will never blog about celebrity gossip on Nai's Visions, I am 110% open to blogging about celebrity style. 

After watching this year's BET Awards from beginning to end, my admiration for Tracee Ellis Ross' style was reawakened. 

Stylist: Julie Matos; Outfit: Zaid Affas; Hair: Araxi Lindsey; MUA: Jamie Greenberg

If you are not familiar with her, not only is she the daughter of the illustrious Diana Ross, she starred in the iconic Girlfriends television series. For those of who tuned into Girlfriends, we could always count on Tracee's character, Joan, to provide us with comedic relief, an engaging story line AND a charming sense of style. After deciding to follow her career after Girlfriends ended (insert uncontrollable sobs), it was hard to miss Tracee's style. Whether Tracee's eye for eclectic pieces stems from being influenced by her mother's personal style or whether it's innate, there is no mistaking the statement that her style always makes.

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