Its been some time since I've talked to you about something other than personal style so I'm briefly switching gears. I had a chance to talk to my closest friends this week about life and one of the common threads in each conversation was learning to embrace who we are + where we are in our lives. It made me think about how often people in general, myself included, tend to focus on how we can become better versions of ourselves. Whether we're focusing on becoming better in relationships (platonic or romantic) or if we're working on improving certain skills, "better" seems to be one of our main focal points. And it's great we want to improve ourselves so we can have a more fulfilling life.

But how often do we look at who/where we're currently at in life and feel like it's worth celebrating?


I get it. Some of us may look at ourselves and even our current situations seeing nothing to be excited about. We may be facing financial hardships, on the job stress, conflict with people closest to us and our inner issues. Some of us may look in the mirror and pick apart our appearance wishing we were curvier or thinner in some places, upset that our hair won't cooperate and even wondering how life would be if we looked different than what we do now. We focus on the things that could be "fixed" in our lives and sometimes it doesn't leave room for us to be happy with ourselves. There is a misconception that if you're content then you allow yourself to become stagnant, never wanting to achieve something better. Here's a different concept to consider:

Celebrate who + where you are WHILE you work towards whatever you consider better. 


Who said that happiness = never wanting to grow? When did the idea of working on improving ourselves replace us stepping back and admiring how far we've come in life? Honestly, we can always find something about ourselves (and others) we feel needs to change but what about the things that make us who we are? If we were to look back on our individual journeys, I'm sure there is at least one or two things we can say we were able to get through. I'm sure we can say, "I'm really grown since the age of X." There is so much about ourselves worth being proud of even as we continue to grow and this is coming from someone who has battled with depression, anxiety and low self esteem off and on. Sometimes we don't give ourselves enough credit because we reach for better and nothing else, leaving our perception of who we are and what we have now distorted. 

If you don't take anything else from this post, I want you to know that no matter who you are and what's going in your life, you are worth celebrating. Your life matters even if another person doesn't think so or points out what you can do to improve. Sometimes their thoughts are nothing more than a projection of how they feel about themselves. Your growth isn't about anyone else and doesn't have to be achieved on another person's terms. Better is pretty great but then again so are you in this very moment.