I've never been this excited for the onset of a new year but everything about 2016 has me pumped for what's next. If you paid attention to something I shared on Twitter and Instagram then you know what I mean by that. Although the year started off rocky for me, I think the different situations I faced helped redirect me towards the path I need to be on. To reiterate what I've already shared, I decided to stop dragging my feet and take a chance on moving to NY next year in spite of being afraid. I'm going back to school to receive my Bachelor's degree (something I always wanted to do) so I look at it as a win-win situation. It's something I've been keeping quiet about for the past few months and I'm beyond ecstatic about the way things are panning out. 
Things may not happen when or how we think they should but I'm a firm believer that things happen when they're supposed to. Maybe certain situations happen to help mold us into who we're designed to be. Maybe things happen because we're stubborn or impatient. Maybe it's a mixture of all three things. Whatever the case may be, there's glory on the other side of that and our fear. Take it from a faith filled adult who started her journey out as a cynical, faithless and angry teen. If only you knew how many times I questioned the existence and care of God over the past few years only to end up praising him today, ha lol. I'm not saying your beliefs have to look like mine and I'm not going to brow beat you about believing in God or religion ever.

The only reason I share different parts of my journey with you is to try to encourage at least one person to keep going when life gets tough. I may not have went through the same things you did but that doesn't mean I won't try to inspire you in some shape, form or fashion. With that being said, I sincerely hope that you enjoy your Christmas holiday and I pray that you end the year on a positive note. I know it's hard to keep your head above water sometimes but just keep swimming :).

Outfit Details
1. Faux Fur Short Coat x Zara (similar here)
2.  Black & Proud x Adorned by Chi
3. White Skinny Jeans x Swank A Posh
4. Nude Stacked Heels