I've been eyeing several faux fur coats for quite some time and I found myself coming back to this one. Because I'm still getting used to wearing things that are a bit bolder than I usually go for, I watched this coat sell out 2 times before deciding to buy it. The main reason I wanted to wear it is to celebrate getting through my first week of embarking on a true wellness journey (mind, body and spirit). I've been taken through the ringer and then some lol yet here I am full of excitement for the months to come. Initially this journey started off as a fast but by the time Friday morning rolled around, I decided I wanted to eat better period
 It's never easy to part ways with toxic things that come in enticing packages but are filled with harmful intentions and limiting comfort. However, it's okay to part ways with them if you're ready to. Living better, whatever that looks like to you, is your right. Some people may try to make you feel as if you don't have any right to feel good about yourself and your life but it's not your job to fight their projected battles. You deserve to really feel good in your body. In your life. Honestly, truly.
Outfit Details
1. Navy Faux Fur Coat x Missguided
2. Black Lace Panel Dress x Pretty Little Thing
3. Black Peep-Toe Ankle Boots x Ego Shoes