On Monday I decided to take a deep dive into my health goals by starting a three week fast and I found myself anticipating the changes I was sure to experience. By Tuesday afternoon the biggest bout of self-doubt knocked that anticipation out of my mind and I wanted to abandon my journey towards not only better health and a better life. I felt this same self-doubt creep try to settle in shortly after fully realizing I would finally call New York home towards the latter end of the year. It starts off as a fear-stricken thought and quickly develops into, "this is why you're not good enough" or "you can't do that because it's impossible." After venting to my boyfriend for some time, he responded with "you have to sit there and take a deep breath." It was the simplest response and it was everything I hadn't been doing while trying to fight the waves of self-doubt.
Fast forward a few days later and I found myself preparing to see "Hidden Figures." I knew I was going to watch it without a shadow of doubt, seeing it during this week of feeling excited, anxious and terrified of changing my lifestyle and going after my dreams ignited something in me. I've had to make the conscious decision of whether I was going to show up each day I found I could open my eyes and function. While I still believe in taking breaks and honoring our emotions when we feel everything but excited or happy, I'm also learning that it's okay to take small steps in the midst of these things.
This doesn't mean that fear has completely left me but I've seen what happens when people decide to keep going anyway. Women like Katherine Johnson, Dorothy Vaughan and Mary Jackson who faced not only racism but sexism had every reason to shrink in their lives. But they decided to show up and do the work anyway. Women like this prove time and time again that having faith and being expectant of good things, even if others can't see it or tell you to do the opposite, takes you far. Women like this plant seeds in the hearts and minds of people like you and me who are dare to move in spite of fear or any other obstacle in our paths.

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