It feels like it's been a while since there has been a feature on Nai's Visions and I knew that if I was going to start the "Get to Know" series back up, I wanted to start things off with a bang. Last week I had the privilege of working with the brand Kween to Queen, a brand dedicated to women's empowerment and I thought it would be a great idea to feature another brand that is dedicated to empowering others. Jacque Amadi, the creative mastermind behind Adorned By Chi, saw the need to create something that not only caters to the awkward, nerdy woman who happens to like pink, but she also wanted to fuse her love for anime and a desire to challenge the appeal assigned to black women. Having been featured on outlets such  The Huffington Post, BuzzFeed, Blavity, Adorned By Chi is a brand with a refreshing outlook on what it means to be a modern woman.

Nai's Visions: When you decided to create Adorned By Chi, did you have a clear direction in which you wanted to steer the brand in? 

 Jacque: Yes! I definitely wanted the stop to have a super dreamy and cutesy feel- an aesthetic you don't often see associated with Black women. 

Which experiences do you feel helped shape who you are and the idea behind Adorned By Chi?
I'm a fan of anime, so many of my items are inspired by my favorite characters. I've also always been a nerd and a bit of an awkward duck, so you'll see tees that read "awkward" and "weirdo" in my shop as well. brand offers everything from apparel to home goods and I could not help but find myself excited about the "Black and Proud" Barbie Inspired Raglan UNISEX Sweater. This coincides with, "We're cute and conscious, Black and proud," which describes a portion of Adorned By Chi. Do you feel there is an idea that black women in general have to depict our consciousness and feminism a certain way?

Yes definitely! I feel like when it comes to being seen as "conscious" or "woke" that often means wearing a certain "uniform" or dress and act a certain way. But you can be woke and super girly too! Wearing poofy skirts, being drenched in pink, and having unconventional interests doesn't mean you're any less down for the cause.

Speaking of which, one can find "Intersectional Feminist" t-shirts on the site as well. How do you feel Adorned By Chi will help contribute to the conversation surrounding feminism that represents and benefits all women?

I'm making it a personal mission to donate proceeds on a monthly basis to various organizations that help women, but especially women of color. So far we've donated to the ACLU and Black Girls Code. And as I grow I hope to do much much more.

Because they are such quirky and whimsical pieces, how did the creation of the "Kawaii Gucci Mane" Flower Crown Pillow and the "Kawaii Chance the Rapper" Pillow come about? Well if you know me you know that post-prison Gucci Mane is my favorite! One day after chatting with a friend about the Wopster, she told me I should draw him. So I did...then I thought I'd add a personal touch and added a flower crown. I really created the pillow for myself but people loved it! I think they love the juxtaposition of a supposed "tough guy" wearing a dainty flower crown. It's definitely not something you often see, as Black men aren't really allowed to be soft or "feminine". After that, people wanted more cutesy rappers so after taking a poll in my shop's Facebook group, Chance was next!

As an entrepreneur, what does a typical day look like for you and how do you incorporate self-care into your routine?

I try and create every single day. I'm always brainstorming new products and new ways to level up and market my business. Then there's the packing and shipping. That takes up a huge part of my day! Self care to me means lighting a candle, ordering take out, and swaying to Solange. I do it almost every night, ha!

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