We live in a time where it seems that hurt, anger and frustration are beginning to reach a peak. The world is rightfully pissed because the Trump administration is working to set progress in this country backwards. Not only is our healthcare at stake but it seems as if race, gender and even religion are being threatened even more as well. It's downright infuriating. As an African American woman, I honestly used to think I was cursed because of my race and gender. However as time continues to pass and I work towards being comfortable in my skin, I'm learning not to let these things cause me to live in a state of depression. Because of this, my desire to use my platform to speak out and be an ally to others is has grown tremendously. 
At this point, my dreams, while they are a part of me, aren't solely about me anymore. I never could understand why I carried the empathetic trait or the ability to look at both sides of a picture before making a conclusion. It used to trouble me but now I understand it's because these are the things that will allow me to stand tall in order to encourage others and fight alongside them at any given time. Kween to Queen, a brand that has become near and dear to my heart, is a part of the narrative that inspires unity among women but also encourages them to embrace who they are while going after their dreams. Knowing that brands like this exist makes me want to work even harder in terms of inspiring others. Wearing this shirt is a stark reminder that I was not created to throw other women, or anyone for that matter, under the bus when our viewpoints/lifestyles differ nor to look at them as competition.

Women have ALWAYS been powerful forces to be reckoned with. I mean, hello? We are daughters, mothers, sisters, lovers, teachers, CEO's, engineers, scientists, artists, healers, leaders of resistance movements and so much more. Talented and enchanting are understatements. Our emotions do not make us 'weak.' The fact women are willing to fight for not only our rights but the rights of others, metaphorically speaking and literally, speaks volumes. Like I said in 2015, we're no longer asking for permission to be treated equally. If you dare try to dim our lights and take away things that should be afforded to ANYONE, you have an entire line of fire headed your way. Either stand with us or be prepared to be engulfed by our flames.

This post is sponsored in part by Kween to Queen. The shirt pictured above is available for purchase on their website. Be sure to support Kween to Queen by following them on Instagram and Twitter where you can receive more updates about their mission and merchandise!