Someone brought it to my attention that I tend to resist change and while my first instinct was to get upset (okay, I did get upset...full blown rant upset), I remembered I recently mentioned it on the blog. What better way to implement another change in my life by wearing tennis shoes. The funny thing is I used to wear them often when I was younger. I didn't care about anything else besides wearing jeans and tennis shoes until 8th grade. Insert all things feminine and lots of pink. 
It's been a long time since I've worn a dress with tennis shoes but I figured that would be the easiest transition look. To maintain my signature feminine style, I chose to finally wear this cute lace number from Forever21 and topped it off with an oversized plaid shirt from Shein. Because the temperature decided to dip into the 30's again, I grabbed a trench coat so I wouldn't freeze. 

Even though I love being a feminine woman, I realize I don't have to completely give that up if I'm not wearing heels or sandals. Now I doubt I'll enter the ranks of women who effortlessly pull off the athlesiure trend and look amazing but it doesn't hurt to opt for a nice pair of tennis shoes every once in a while.

Outfit Details
1. Trench Coat x London Fog (similar here)
2. Striped Oversized Shirt x Shein
3. Black Lace Camisole Dress x Forever21 (similar here and here)
4. Black Tennis Shoes x ASOS (similar here)