The past week has been pretty interesting but I'm grateful for it. It helped me dig a little more past the surface of my fears and I was able to see the very hurt that conjured them up. What I've come to appreciate about the healing process is how it leads you to root issues of anything you're facing, be it anxiety, insecurity, anger, etc. Whether you want to truly face them or not is ultimately up to you and I'm at the point where I'm over hurting because I keep choosing to let fear run my life.

 It's part of the reason I chose to wear this look specifically. Although it's no secret I like to wear things where my legs are bared, a part of me always worries if other people will think it's appropriate or not. Since I officially decided to set fire to fear and the way it viciously controlled my outlook on life, this look represents me springing from the ashes. I feel like I have more freedom to be myself and it turns out I've had access to it all along. Okay, I had to be willing to start helping God clear the painful thorns in my path but the option of living without fear has always been there.

How's that for first week of spring?

Outfit Details
1. Denim Jacket x ASOS
2. Green Knit Jumper x H&M
3.  White Skort x Zara
4. Khaki Ankle Boots x EGO Shoes