My love for reading stems from my mom. She told my sister and I that she often read to us while she was pregnant which led to an unforgettable weekend activity. Since my mom was a single parent, we couldn't afford to take weekend trips or visit  amusement parks often. Sometimes we would go to the mall but there were a lot of times my mom would simply take my sister and I to the local public library. Whenever we would visit the library, I remember being in awe of how expansive the interior was. It was filled to the brim with books, computers, VHS tapes, and more. 

Because I was still young, my mom and sister would let me pick out a few books in the children's section then take me to a sitting area. My instructions? "Sit right here on the bean bag, read your books and don't move." An emphasis was placed on me not moving because I was a highly active and curious little girl lol. I asked a lot of questions and often wandered around because I was curious about different things. But in this case? Something about reading captivated me. Whenever I would read something, my mind would create a mental picture of whatever I was reading. It was like watching a movie in my head, and whenever my mom and sister told me to stay put with my selected books, they knew they would always find me how they left me. Cozy yet often crazy position on a bean bag, book open in hand, noise tuned out. It was a happy place for me.

Although I haven't visited a public library in yearsx, picking up a book still has the same affect on me. Currently I'm alternating between reading 3 amazing books that you may have read already but if not, I highly suggest you check them out:

1. Around The Way Girl, Taraji P. Henson

  2. Soft Magic,Upile Chisal

3. In The Company of Women, Grace Bonney