Slogan tees have been everywhere. From popular influencers to the runways, it's pretty hard to miss them. Although I'm not sure if I'll ever venture into the rock band t-shirts, I decided it would be fun to stock up on a few tees with slogans I stand by.

I'll be the first to say that I'm well aware that hashtags and slogans on signs, t-shirts, hats and handbags do not replace actively working to make a difference. However, I'm learning that it's not my place to decide how to define activism for others. If I do not know someone and have not had a conversation with them about their choices, it's not my place to lump them into a certain category. Ironically that explains why I'm wearing this shirt.

It took me a long time to decide if I wanted to be labeled a feminist. For a good chunk of our lives we are saddled with labels; labels that some people attach strict definitions to. How I choose to look at feminism is how I look at things in general. If someone's personal choices are not harming me, them or anyone else (resulting in abuse or death), then who am I to tell them they are living wrong. Who am I to tell another person who is made of flesh and bone that they do not deserve rights in this world? Beyonce had the right idea during last year's VMAs performance when she blatantly let the world know:

God is God. I am not. 

That is exactly how I look at things in life as an adult. If it makes me a feminist because I believe women deserve equal pay as men, menstrual cycles and pregnancies included, so be it. If it makes me a feminist because I don't have any qualms with anyone who wants to identify as woman, so be it. If it makes me a feminist because I don't believe people should be sexualized based on how they dress then so be it. That in itself lets me know people think about sex more than they are willing to admit but that's another conversation. If it makes me a feminist because I don't think we should let anyone's gender, race, sexuality, religion, etc. determine if they deserve the same rights as others then so be it. I know some people will argue that God didn't intend for people to dress a certain way or that he detests anyone who identifies as LGBTQ. My rebuttal to that is I don't really think he intended for people to be judgmental, hateful beings but here some of us are. 

All in all, my feminism is about the fact I don't think one race, gender, religion or sexuality should be above another. People deserve to be treated fairly and honestly, life is way too short to become offended when people ask (this shouldn't even be a thing) for something as simple as that.

Outfit Details
1. Black Duster Coat x Forever21
2. Feminist T-Shirt x Missguided
3. Denim Shorts x American Apparel
4. Stacked Heels x Nasty Gal