I decided to venture back into the world of box braids Friday afternoon after letting my natural hair breathe for three months. I change my hair pretty often so I wanted to give her some time to regroup in a sense. I quickly learned what my hair did and didn't like during the time I wore it which led me to alternating between braid-outs and a slicked back bun. Finding products that actually worked well for my hair has been quite of a struggle because of the loss of moisture I would experience throughout the day. There is nothing more frustrating than leaving the house with moisturized coils only to find out your hair feels like straw at the end of the day. 

Completely at my wits end, I decided to scour Instagram and see if anyone was talking about a natural hair brand that catered to multiple hair types. This is when I rediscovered Mielle Organics. After reading some of the reviews people were leaving and watching a multitude of YouTube videos, I decided to give this brand a shot.

1. The first product I decided to try is Babassu Oil & Mint Deep Conditioner. My hair has always loved deep conditioners so I figured this would determine if I would invest in more products from Mielle Organics. The very first time I used this product, I felt my hair coil up (my true texture) and it has never done that before.It does tingle slightly but again, my hair responds well to anything with mint in it so I found myself in heaven as I let this conditioner penetrate my strands. Needless to say, I experienced less shedding just after one use!

2. This led me to purchasing the Babassu Oil Conditioning Sulfate-Free Shampoo.  I know there are several natural hair products that say "a little goes a long way" but this shampoo truly personifies that. I literally used a dime size per wash (once for scalp cleansing and twice for any leftover product buildup) and that's all it took to create a nice lather that didn't leave my hair feeling stripped of moisture.

3. Clearly I'm sold at this point so I decided to buy the Organic White Peony Ultra Moisturizing Leave-in-Conditioner and the Avocado Moisturizing Hair Milk. The last time I washed my hair before getting my box braids, I used all four products aside from a little coconut oil and my hair was the most moisturized it's ever been. 

This is probably the first time I've found a brand that actually caters to my hair needs. It's mind blowing because I've always mixed and matched products from different brands to find the right concoction but I don't have to do that with Mielle Organics. No matter if you wear your hair in it's natural state or relaxed, I HIGHLY recommend you try this brand if you haven't.