The first day of summer was Wednesday but it didn't feel like it thanks to the rain. Since it slacked up long enough for me to spend some time around town, I decided to break out my first official summer outfit. I say "official" because technically the look I shared last weekend fit the bill to the T but that's okay lol. 

Although quite a few of us adore summer, I'm sure we can do without the hot, muggy weather that comes with it sometimes. Since Georgia is currently stuck in that mode, I decided to break out a striped off-the-shoulder top and a mini denim skirt from Zara. It's funny because I just noticed that I tend to reach for striped pieces in the summer.

Speaking of Zara, they are currently having a semi-annual sale with items up to 50% off! You never know what you can snag for a fraction of their regular prices so don't miss out! 

I've been into wearing sandals and flats lately so I decided to reach for my metallic sandals to complete this look. The key to dressing during summer is making sure you're comfortable. Loose fitting clothing or pieces that show a little skin are your best friend. This doesn't mean you have to expose more than you're comfortable (there's that word again) with, or anything at all for that matter, but if you feel like daring to bare then go for it.

Outfit Details
1. Red/Cream Striped Halter Top x SheIn
2. Denim Mini Skirt x Zara
3. Sandals x Forever21

What are you looking forward to wearing this summer?