Women have always taken "risks" in life from deciding to step outside of the stay-at-home wife and mother role down to the way they dress. In more recent years, we've seen women embrace a number of styles and this includes androgynous, feminine, and atheleisure styles. Although women have many options of choosing how they want to dress, it can sometimes feel as if some people expect all women to fall under a particular label. In blogger Summer Celeste's case, she chooses to embrace her feminine style regardless of what others expect to see women wear. She effortlessly combines style as well as wisdom with an unmistakable confidence.

I was able to speak with her about her style and a few of must-have staple items.

Nai's Visions: How did your interests lead you to creating a fashion and lifestyle blog? 

Summer: When I was a little girl I played dress up with my mom's clothes and pranced around in her high heels, scratching the hardwood floors, struggling to walk. As I grew older, my love for fashion evolved and I developed an awareness of myself as a woman. I became so intrigued with the essence of being a lady. I read a lot of books on etiquette, confidence, women empowerment and taught a few seminars to women and young girls locally. I then developed a passion for healthy living. At that point I knew it was more than fashion; it became a lifestyle.

From your point of view, how would you describe your style? How has it changed over the years?

 Charming, chic, and minimal describes my style. Lace, ruffles, flirty miniskirts, and sweetheart necklines add to the charming element. I love the female silhouette, so sometimes I go for pieces that hug my figure in the right places. A simple off-the-shoulder midi dress gives you all the chic you need.

I've noticed as I've matured, my color palette has completely changed. I used to color block and pattern mix, but lately I've adopted this minimal style where I'm drawn to neutral tones. Fashion is always changing and evolving, so who knows. I may soon revisit color.

 It is obvious that you have mastered the art of mixing different brands together. What are a few shopping "rules" you follow when adding pieces to your wardrobe?

  1. My number one rule is to shop for my body type. I know what to accentuate and what to downplay. From choosing the most appealing neckline to selecting the perfect hemline, highlighting my legs, I always focus on my assets.
  2. I try to keep updated staple pieces in my closet; a black blazer, a go-to moto jacket, classic "barely there" heels or pumps, white tee/button down, my favorite black skirt, etc. These pieces can be mixed and matched all year round with tons of items and accessories. I always keep them on rotation.
  3. Comfort is also important. I tend to reach for soft, delicate fabrics so if anything makes me feel stiff or stifled, I have to pass it up.

Where are some of your favorite places to shop and do you prefer shopping in-store, online or both?
 I definitely prefer online shopping. Most online stores have more of a variety of styles, colors, and quantities as opposed to in-store where you're lucky if you even find your size among the picked over pieces. I have the benefit of taking my time without interruption, switching from one store to the next, with a bunch of tabs open. I confess, I'm that girl. Instead of impulse buying, I save pieces to a private wish list on Pinterest and create looks there.
My current favorites are The Line by K, Zara, Sabo Skirt, Pretty Little Thing and Topshop.

 If you had to choose five staple items (fashion, beauty, books, etc.) to take with you when traveling, what would they be?

  1.  I never go without this book my mother gave to me years ago. It's a tiny, sentimental book by Douglas Pagels titled, "You're Very Special to Me." This book goes everywhere with me. Whether I'm traveling or simply switching purses, this book never leaves my side. It's like carrying my very own personal angel with me.
  2. I always say, "if you want an instant chic look, throw on your sunglasses." It's like, instant glam. Plus, frowning while the sun beams creates wrinkles.
  3. The Maybelline Great Lash Lear Mascara is perfect for traveling. It's clear, lightweight, and adds a polished look to your lashes. It's also smudge free, so if you fall asleep on a long flight, you don't have to worry about waking up looking like a raccoon. 
  4. Chanel Coco Mademoiselle has and always will be my favorite perfume. It's mesmerizing and timeless.
  5. I'm a lip balm girl so I always carry Burt's Bees with me. My favorite flavor is pink grapefruit.
  6. As a staple piece, my black moto jacket definitely travels with me. It can be wrapped around your waist, rested on your shoulders or worn with the sleeves slightly pushed up. It's the perfect piece for effortless airport style.

What are your go-to beauty products for the summer?

  1.  Urban Decay Naked Illuminated Shimmering Powder - I've been reaching for this powder all summer long. I use it on my face as a highlighter and on my body, focusing on my shoulders and decolletage. One step in the sun and your skin will illuminate...I mean MAJOR glow.
  2. Serumtologie C Serum °22 - I honestly cannot go without this Vitamin C serum. It keeps your skin youthful, boosts collagen production, and provides a healthy dose of hydration. 
  3. L'Oreal Voluminous Superstar Waterproof Mascara - This mascara doubles as a prime (1) and mascara (step 2); tons of flirty volume and lash extension. 
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