Last week was amazingly eye opening. If you follow me on Instagram then you know I spent a couple of days in New York and it was incredible as always. I had the chance to walk around a lot more than I usually do when I visit and learned the subway isn't as intimidating as I think. In fact, I ran into my first unhinged character and it put something into perspective for me. This particular person symbolized all of the times I've been too afraid to try, told "no" multiple times, and felt discouragement breathing down my neck. Literally I was bum rushed which left me unbalanced and cursed at for five seconds and in those five seconds I asked myself whether I was going to throw a temper tantrum, cry or laugh/shake it off. I decided to choose the latter and kept it moving. I even learned something I was positive I wanted, and was upset didn't happen just yet, turned out to be everything I absolutely do not want. [These two events occurred on the same day...ironically right after each other lol]. It's almost funny how life has a way of testing your perseverance and faith. Sometimes we think of this as an inconvenience but there's always a blessing in the storm.

I also had a chance to see Girl's Trip and without giving too much away, it showed the importance of valuing friendship, forgiveness and, my absolute favorite, not allowing your dreams or yourself to be overshadowed by your significant other. Concerning the latter part, it's so easy to dim your light when you're with someone else and this can be for a number of reasons. Personally after coming out of a situation like that, I don't believe any relationship or marriage is worth standing in the shadow of someone else or dealing with betrayal after betrayal because of brand/image purposes. But these are lessons that are sometimes learned over time. The great thing about life is that a lesson will present itself over and over until we learn + grow from it. Don't worry about trying to learn every lesson the first time around because some things take time. Remember, you're not in a rush to be this super put together being. All you can do is take one step at a time and eventually the pieces of life's puzzle will start coming together. 

Outfit Details
1. Off-Shoulder Top x Pretty Little Thing
2. Red Culottes x Zara
3. Red/Tan Sandals
4. Tan Clutch x Charming Charlie