I'm currently typing this with a slight tension headache because, as you can see, I am now rocking a protective style. Truthfully I was going to wait until a couple of weeks before my birthday next month to get this hairstyle but an irritation with someone obsessing over wanting to touch my hair led me here. Seriously, people and their desire to touch a black woman's natural hair need to become familiar with personal space. Anyway, this particular hairstyle isn't new but I never paid it any mind until Beyonce started wearing it during the introduction of her Lemonade era. 
Since these braids represent being open to vulnerability and stepping into personal truth (to me), I wanted to wear something that complemented the powerful feeling I'm experiencing. Zara has been releasing a myriad of fall styles since the end of last month but their trouser section caught my eye the most. It made me remember how much I admire both the high waist and wide leg cut on trousers. This particular pair of pyjama style trousers were at the top of my wish list and I finally decided to get my hands on them. They do run a tad large so be sure to size down if you decide to get them. I could have easily worn them with a poplin blouse, silk camisole or statement tee but I wanted to push the envelope by wearing a lace bodysuit.

Outfit Details
1. Denim Jacket x ASOS
2. Black Lace Bodysuit x Forever21
4. Black Velvet Heels x Public Desire