There is only one more month of summer left and I couldn't be happier. Usually I love everything related to summer but that's starting to change. Don't get me wrong, I love I'm able to bare some skin and enjoy a few summer festivities but this summer just feels...different. Maybe it's a little jaded because of the tense political climate or maybe it's just too humid (prime time for the flies and mosquitoes this year) to be comfortable. At this point I think it's both. It's hot and people are leaning into delirium. 
Since I've been in a mood where I can't be bothered with too many distractions, I decided to let my outfit reflect that. Now, I have quite a few white button up shirts BUT I don't wear them often. Okay, I don't wear them at all unless I'm going somewhere that requires business casual wear or I absolutely have to wear a button up shirt. I remembered I had this blouse in my closet and thought it would be fun to wear it. As soon as I put it on I thought, "this is not me. I don't wear tops like this." Then I decided to rearrange it like so and voila! 

Thank you style stars of Instagram and Pinterest!


Pairing this top with this pair of jeans from, yup you guessed it, Zara was a no brainer. Listen, they were $9.99 and if you think someone on a shopping budget is about to pass that up then think again. I actually saw a similar pair on Polyvore by Loewe and realized the outfit I'm wearing is similar to a look I created. Talk about life imitating art:

Untitled #309

Loewe high waisted jeans

Cult Gaia bamboo bag

Pat McGrath lipstick

Currant Marabou Lamu

Now on to yet another fun accessory: this pair of sandals by She The Collection. If you've been following me for a while then you know I featured owner Carmen Alexandria on the blog a while back and made sure to invest in a couple of faux fur clutches once she launched She The Collection. Since I'm patiently waiting for when I can buy a pair of Brother Vellies sandals (specifically this pair😍), having these sandals are putting me one step closer to my dream shoes. Buying the black pair seemed more reasonable since they will most likely pair with more outfits but there are other colors to choose from.
To really complete this look, I brought along the latest Essence issue featuring the incredible Niecey Nash. She is yet another actress I admire and I'm excited about her success with hit TV show Claws. I finally binge watched it this weekend and it is hands down worth seeing. I'm sure some may argue that watching a TV series can be distracting but I'm adding this show to my self-care roster. Everything isn't always roses, sea salt baths and candles lol. If it strikes a happy chord within then it's not a distraction to me.

Outfit Details
1. White Button Up Blouse x Missguided
2. Distressed Jeans x Zara
3. Black Tassle Sandals x She The Collection