It may or may not be obvious but if you have payed close attention then you may have recognized my admiration for Aimee Song of Song of Style. I can't recall when I first started following her on Instagram but it has been a few years. In my head she's the stylish friend who makes sure you always have access to avocado toast, supports your endeavors (giving constructive criticism as needed) and supports your mental health. If that's a reach then I'm reaching for the clouds, okay? There are a couple of other things I admire about Aimee so let's jump right into my curated list shall we lol?

1. Style Status Aimee's style is the first thing that caught my attention and it eventually led me to her Youtube channel where I did not hesitate to subscribe. Her ability to create outfit combinations that are sometimes unorthodox speaks to the part of me that likes wearing things even if they don't traditionally make sense. Not only that but she embraces being feminine. She doesn't try to apologize for it and as someone who has struggled with feeling like she's "too" girly, I naturally gravitate towards anyone who is just as feminine. Seeing how Aimee wears what she wants and doesn't seem to care to follow every single style rule known to man has helped me start doing the same. 

2. Interior Design

Listen, I'll be the first person to tell I'm not well versed in all things interior design but I interested in it. I can't tell you how many times I've made a beeline to the home goods section just because I get a kick out of imagining the way a space can look with different accents, tiles and furniture. It may be a Libra thing but I love the idea of creating a beautiful space. Guess who is well versed in interior design? Yup, Aimee. This year she not only had a huge say so in the remodeling process of her home but she remodeled her office too. Talk about aesthetics goals. 

3. Huge Heart

I admire the fact Aimee has used her platform to talk about the injustice in this country from black people being killed by the police to the insane immigration hatred some people have. She has shown, on more than one occasion, that while she loves fashion and interior design, she also loves supporting others. She isn't above giving back, and while I don't believe people have to publicize whenever they do, knowing someone with a huge platform doesn't mind being vocal about the horrible and sometimes unfortunate things in life makes me happy.


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