The past week has been nothing short of frustrating from work to personal relationships but there's one good thing that came out of it. Fall started Friday and although it doesn't feel like it just yet, I'm praying that means more than leaves are about to start changing.

To help kick off the first full week of fall (and my birthday week *clears throat*), I decided I'd share a work wear inspired look. When I first started my job, I used to get dressed to the nines although it's a business casual environment. It made me feel better about showing up and I feel like I was much more productive. As time passed, I stopped putting in the effort to get dressed and showing up started to feel like everything I did not want to do. It may be superficial but when I put effort into what I'm wearing, I'm somehow able to let that translate into caring about things even if they are less than ideal. To get back into the habit of stepping up my game at work, I decided to break out this cute tweed set from Nichole Lynel
You've probably noticed this but the plaid/check print and tailored pieces are very popular this year. The funny thing about it that is I realize I saw the emergence of this last year. While flipping through the 2016 September issue of InStyle Magazine with Kerry Washington as the cover star, this print was on the list of the hottest fall trends to keep an eye on. As a matter of fact, Harper's Bazaar has a section called "Work the Look: Fall Must Haves" in their October issue and a double-breasted suit is on the first page. While I didn't opt for a gray version of the plaid/check trend (coming soon lol), I still think this suit set is close enough. It's a little too warm to wear the jacket on outside right now but if you work in an office where the air is blasting all day, wear it all day long if you want. While I I have switched my tops so I can be work appropriate lol, you can opt for wearing a crisp button-up top, a simple camisole if you're wearing the jacket all day or even a short sleeved top. It's time to make nice with layering again.
I'm not sure if you can get away with wearing a red lip at your job but if you can, I highly suggest adding it to your look. Yes, I am biased lol. The three lipsticks I keep in rotation are:

1. Bawse Lady x The Lip Bar
2. Cherry Blossom x Coloured Raine
3. Elson x Pat McGrath 
Right now I've been wearing Cherry Blossom because I love how smooth the formula is. It feels like it's hugging my lips and any matte lipstick that can do that is a winner to me. Besides, I feel like I can make "bloody moves" in this. I really have to stop listening to Bodak Yellow when I'm getting ready for work in the morning lol.
Anyway, what are your favorite ways to power dress during the week? You don't necessarily have to rock a full blown suit if that's not your thing. Whatever makes you feel like you can accomplish different tasks can be considered "power dressing". Let me know in the comments!

Outfit Details
1. Females of The Future T-Shirt x Topshop
2. Tweed Suit x Nichole Lynel
3. Handbag x London Fog

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