Okay, I could be overly eager since the temperature has finally started to drop but I had to break out my favorite fall/winter coat of all time. That's right, I'm wearing my beloved "camel coat" that has graced the blog and my Instagram page several times before. I've been trying to avoid it this year because I feel like I wear it too much but I decided to get over it lol. I'd developed this idea that I shouldn't wear things I like multiple times but now I'm starting to realize how this was hurting my pockets financially. You guys should know by now that I LOVE to shop but there's a  difference between shopping for pleasure and shopping just to "keep up"...or emotional shopping.
Any who, I can't say what place my style is in right now but this past weekend was, once again, all about being comfortable. I wasn't feeling the best due to a special friend's visit, hence the high waist jeans, so the last thing on my mind was wearing anything that required effort. It's kind of funny but my "lazy" outfits have changed over the past year or so. I used to say I didn't have an "in-between" look for days like this but that's slowly starting to change. As someone who avidly avoids wearing tennis shoes like the plague, I haven't been so adverse to them lately. While I have yet to invest in another pair, I'm realizing they don't make me any less feminine. If anything they add another layer to my style. I can't say that I'll trade my heels in for them but both footwear styles can happily grow in my closet.
I think the older I get the more I find myself leaning towards essential pieces. I love a good button-up top now and pieces that come in neutral tones. That's not to say I turn my nose up at prints and bold colors because no lol. I just find myself liking the things I used to tell my mom she has too much of in her closet. Go figure lol.

What are you excited about wearing now that it's starting to feel like fall?

Outfit Details
1. Camel Coat x Forever21 (similar here and here)
2. Oversized Button-Up Top (similar here and here)
3. High Waist Jeans x Missguided
4. White Tennis Shoes x ASOS  (similar here and here)