Red. Patent Leather. Boots. Where do I even start? I've mentioned that my favorite colors are pink and red before but I don't wear a lot of red besides my lipstick. It's a very bold color and it's pretty hard to ignore...although some people have a hard time paying attention to a stop sign or red traffic light 😒.That's another story though. As much as I love the color red, sometimes I don't want to draw a lot of attention to myself. I am an extroverted introvert. I can be as charismatic as they come but I'm not a fan of the way people stare at you without saying anything sometimes. I think I've watched one too many horror movies. Despite that, I decided to invest in a pair of red ankle boots from Ego Shoes

Originally I wanted the black pair because I figured they were more functional...and safe. Let's just put that out there. The idea of buying the black ankle boots was fine and dandy until they sold out. I honestly think this was a deliberate act because I've been doing a lot of things outside of my comfort zone and red boots are DEFINITELY not on my safe list lol. Despite that, here we are.

I wanted to have fun with this post so I'm showing you two slightly different ways to rock red boots.

This first look features a black and white jumper from H&M that I'm pretty sure I got on sale for $15. It's not a heavy knit and it's perfect for those slightly warmer fall days (days where the wind isn't blowing icicles in your face). Since the color red is the main focal point, I opted to wear my distressed jeans from Zara (last worn here) and added my red handbag from London Fog just because. Wearing this outfit on a warmer day means you can forego any outerwear because I'm sure the last thing you want to do is peel off layers of clothing when the weather feels like it's transitioning from summer to fall again.

FYI: Most of my sweaters are from H&M

This second look features a slight change that gives off a different vibe than the first look. I swapped my black and white jumper for a plain white t-shirt, and added a wool coat (similar here) from Bershka (last worn here). Although it features a short sleeve t-shirt, this look is for a day when it's a little crisper than usual. Wool coats are generally well insulated so even if the wind is blowing continuously outside, your limbs won't much(this depends on where you live).

As show stopping as these boots are, they are made for walking. I do suggest investing in a pair of Dr. Scholl's sole support if you're going to be doing a lot of it though. Are you feeling the red boots trend or is it something you could do without? Let me know in the comments!