Nai's Visions was created with celebrating and supporting others in mind. Our primary goal is to
provide readers with inspirational content that ranges from personal style to recounting personal experiences. We realize that everyone is on a journey in life and it is important that we make sure those who visit Nai's Visions feel welcome.

Jasmine Jenai, an ambitious young woman, cultivated the idea of Nai's Visions in 2013 after realizing the importance of having a space that nurtures creativity, individuality and support. Although she cherishes all things that revolve around style, she knows that this is simply the icing on top of the cake to who an individual is. Jasmine values the experiences and outlooks of others as well, thus leading her to create a platform that shows her appreciation for both.

 May you trust your voice and the process of your life all while fearlessly expressing your personal style.